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Coordinator Corner –

The new year is here! Are you ready to get started on your supply kit program??

Check it out…we have given your coordinator portal a new look. All the information you need to navigate through the site is at your fingertips.

To get started on your 2022-23 sale, your first task is to get your supply lists updated by your teachers. Follow these steps to get a copy of last year’s kit contents:

  1. Select School Documents from Coordinator Menu on right hand side of screen
  2. Select Kit Contents Reports (upper right-hand corner) – click download for 2021-22
  3. Print PDF’s
  4. Distribute to teachers to review and make updates - right on these sheets is preferred.
  5. Send them back to us and we will provide updated price quotes.

Now is also a good time to start thinking about your sale dates. Check your school calendar for Spring Break dates and upcoming events. Consider hosting your sale earlier this year to allow parents to use their tax return to assist with their back-to-school budget. As the supply chain issues continue, we are working diligently with our vendors to secure products.

We look forward to a great BTS season!

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