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School Supply Sale – Are we too late? Never!

Posted on: March 3rd, 2015 by Jennifer Thompson

Greetings on this cold, icy, March day. We are ready for spring!

We often get asked at this point in the year if “we are too late” to host a school supply sale…. and the answer is NO! You are not too late. Some company out there is pressuring parent volunteers to make decisions QUICK… to get going on a program.

Hello! it is only March! This pressure is due to the large companies who have no flexibility in being able to customize a school’s sale to fit their real needs. The Write Stuff can! We are able to tailor the sale to fit your school’s schedule.

Foe example, east coast schools do not get out until mid-June. This year with all the snow days (well who knows what the final end date will be) we are able to accommodate their needs and allow sales to go on until the last day of school.

This applies on the other end too. Many schools in the central region get out for summer in mid-May, and go back to school in the beginning of August. We are able to build, ship and deliver our kits to meet those early deadlines. We do not require a minimum number of weeks for production. We do not have minimums. We allow “add-ons” to your order. No scary contracts to sign. You will be amazed and how smooth it can be!

The Write Stuff is a school supply company that will work with you every step of the way! The wonderful people we have met over the years are primarily volunteers…. stressing them out means they do not return to help out at school, and the parent organizations are the ones who suffer.

Let us guide you thru a stress-free school supply sale! Call today! 1-800-871-8546 or

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