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Help, I’m Not Taking My Kids on Vacation For Spring Break!

Posted on: March 4th, 2019 by Claire Collins

“Mom can we go to Disney World?”, “But mom, she’s going on vacation!”… Any other moms find themselves living with little travel agents?

It’s okay to stay home with family over spring break for that week your kids are off school. Whether it’s to save some money for a trip in the summer, or kids having extra curricular activities during spring break, or simply just wanting to stay home – there are many ways to still have a memorable (and fun) spring break right in your backyard.

If you plan to take a few days off of work to have some days off with the kids – or are working and leaving activities for the kids, these are some ideas to include in your backyard spring break:

Sleep Over

“Mom, can I have a sleepover tonight?”. The infamous Friday night line that we have all said no too… Spring break would be the perfect time to say “yes!”. If it’s at your house, or someone else’s, you get the ‘cool mom’ card (and if it’s at someone else’s house, a night off!).


Arcades, laser tag, escape rooms, or movies – take the family to do something you normally can’t during the week! There are definitely some great places in your town or city that you’ve always wanted to try. Well, now is the time! Get a group of close friends and the kids together for a fun afternoon!

Bedroom Clean-Up (but call it a makeover when kids are around!)

Spring break calls for spring cleaning – but don’t let the kids hear you call it that. Rearranging the bedroom(s) gives kids a project to work on with you, but also something to look forward too as they find the missing toys under and behind the bed. Mostly, this is for cleaning and organizing – but it can quickly turn into a fun, family game!

Family Treasure Hunt

$5 gift cards go a long way with kids! Create some quick games, hide some gift cards, and let the kids go nuts! This works great on a rainy day! (Tip: hiding gift cards under couch cushions guarantees you at least 20 minutes while they’re off finding them…).

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