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COVID should have been a 4 letter word

Posted on: April 16th, 2021 by Jennifer Thompson

As with everyone else, we are tired of the pandemic. Will this be over soon? I figured if I asked my Magic 8 Ball…. I might get lucky. Here are all replies you can get with a shake of the 1950’s phenomenon.
Magic 8-Ball Messages
o As I see it, yes.
o Ask again later.
o Better not tell you now.
o Cannot predict now.
o Concentrate and ask again.
o Don’t count on it.
o It is certain.
o It is decidedly so

None of these gave me a feel good for the outcome on the current state of Covid-19. Neither is the stability or dependability of the supply chain or shipping industry. As in all sectors, there are delays. You see it at the grocery store… shelves are not full, and some items are not in stock at all. Been to a clothing store lately? Retailers are doing a great job of spreading things around to fill the space, but overall there is less to choose from.
At The Write Stuff we are working diligently to get supplies in for the Back to School season. We have ordered from all major manufacturers, and are preparing to service our schools.
Our recommendation to parents? Order early! We have secured our product, however it is better to be safe than sorry. Supplies will be in high demand.
Don’t delay – Order today!

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