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100th Day of School

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by Jennifer Thompson

The 100th day of school is right around the corner for my (Jennifer’s) children -9 more days! – so I’m told.  Most schools do some form of counting to 100 activities leading up to the “big” day.
Here are some actvities we’ve experienced in our school.  Always a fun day for a blah month in the midwest!

  1. Math:   Teach grouping, tally marks, Roman numerals, written numbers, and more.
  2. PE:     How long is 100 seconds?  What can you do in that amount of time? sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks.  Great for indoor recess too!
  3. Science:  Predicitons… how long will it take me to:  select age appropriate activites and use stop watches.  Predict what weighs 100 grams/kilograms (metric system) or pounds/ounces (standard system).
  4. Social Studies:  What happened 100 years ago in time?  What do you think 100 years in the future will be like?
  5. Language Arts:  Write about “what would you do with $100?” or 100 _____?
  6. Reading:  Read a book that was written 100 years ago.
  7. Music:  Sing songs from 100 years ago.

The ideas are endless!  We have some more ideas and down-loadables on our Pinterest page as well.  Check it out! Happy 100th Day!

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